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“The Vegvisir:

That Which Shows the Way”

 “If this sign is carried one will never lose

one’s way in storms and bad weather,

even when the way is not known.

Anger Compass

Navigate & Control Anger

 Anger Compass is a comprehensive yet easy to use system that will help you chart a new course over anger to Self-Empowerment

Anger Compass will help you:


  • Understand Anger

  • Know why you get angry

  • Prevent angry episodes 

  • Learn how to assertively communicate & negotiate

  • Repair relationships and reestablish trust

  •  Navigate to your full empowerment

Mastering others is strength,

Mastering yourself is true power 

Lao Tzu

Anger Voyager’s Code: 

  • No one can make me feel, think, or do anything

  • I have the freedom to choose how I feel, think & act

  • I don’t take anything personally

  • I don’t make assumptions

  • I will always do my best

  • I am committed to stalking myself.

  • I will live by the principle of Non-violence no matter what

  • I will do what it takes to be trustable

  • I will take care of, and love the part of me that gets angry

  • I am resolved to be the best person I can be in each moment

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