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About Will

William Gale has created businesses and programs in Canada, England, Cyprus, Switzerland, and New Zealand. He is the Founder of Anger Management Specialists and the Seven Seas Foundation in Santa Barbara, California.


For the last 25 years, he has supported clients in overcoming challenges and empowering their authentic selves. Through counseling, coaching, and group work, he has helped them activate their inner resources and realize their inherent potential.


William believes that growth is served by identifying and integrating core material, which gives access to essence, passion, and life purpose. He has a particular affinity for working with trauma and issues with anger. These two are often buried, and sometimes they are connected.


William helps clients listen to their body’s intelligence in order to connect with their inner wisdom and take courageous action. The roots of his work lie in Hakomi Mindfulness–Centered Somatic Therapy. 


With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Level 3 training in Attachment-Focused EMDR, and decades immersed in Native American Teachings and the Toltec Path to Freedom, William has followed the call to help others navigate their challenges and prevail. He has an intimate understanding of what it takes to live a passionate and purposeful life and is dedicated to helping others do the same.


Certifications/ Trainings 

  Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology

 • Attachment-Focused EMDR level 3

 • Certified Hakomi Practitioner

 • Certified Hudson Institute Coach & Renewing Teams Facilitator.

 • Certified Mediator

 • Toltec Path to Freedom.

 • Gestalt Therapy

 • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What Clients are Saying:

His natural comfort with himself gives you permission to find your true self without being self-conscious. He always ensured my physical and emotional safety, making sure I had a safe place to go in my mind if things got too difficult/ frightening. Will teaches you how to repair broken, hurt parts of yourself and shows you how to re-parent those parts so the hurt is resolved. RS Speech Language Pathologist III

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