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Healing Relationships & Intimacy

Series of 4 Seasonal Day Retreats

Honor Your Natural Instincts - June 30

Third Installment of our 4 Seasonal Day Retreats:

Inward Journeys to help strengthen our connection with instincts and life purpose! 

Heart Talk Processes, Partner Yoga & Warm Water Massage-Watsu

Facilitated by - William Gale LMFT & Ninaya Strandberg HHP

Enjoy the private sacred space of Will and Ninaya who will utilize their 60 years of combined knowledge, wisdom, and experience in the Healing Arts and Self-Realization to facilitate a relaxing and healing event.  


Contact Will or Ninaya:

Will Gale - (805-252-6716)​

Ninaya Strandberg HHP


Tel: 805-637-2387

Limited to 5 pairs (couples, family, or friend)

$800/pair for series of 3 Day-Retreats or  

$300 pair per Day-Retreat 

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Personalized Private & Couples Healing Retreats

Co-facilitated with Ninaya Strandberg HHP

1-3 day all-inclusive Healing Retreats includes

  • A personalized transformational process, healthy food, and lodging.

  • Heart talk processes, sacred rituals and a variety of personalized healing arts.

We will provide life-changing practices & treatments, in an intimate, relaxed, nurturing atmosphere.

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