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Personalized Healing Journeys

Will, and his life partner Ninaya Strandberg, a Holistic Health Practitioner, utilize their 60 years of combined wisdom, knowledge, and experience to create personalized transformational healing journeys.

Retreats are holistically designed to suit you and your particular healing journey while honoring and supporting your innate knowledge, wisdom, and intuition.   Our intention is to cocreate the optimally safe environment, and level involvement to initiate the greatest opportunity for you to heal and transform.  We understand and trust that you, and the highest part of you, knows what to do, when, and how. 


We consider you a whole elemental being addressing your body, mind, emotions, and soul; while considering all the aspects of life you're navigating.  Although we share many the same approaches and philosophies, Will's expertise rests in the mind/body and emotions, where as Ninaya's mastery is held in the body/mind; especially in relation to Nutrition/Internal Cleansing/Colonics, Massage, and Water Therapies/Watsu. 

For more info on Ninaya's ElementaL Wellness Programs


 Our process is a unique fusion of current neuroscience and a deep reverence for the sacred in all things. We intermingle evidence-based therapies including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Hakomi Body/Mind Therapy, vital somatic integration while utilizing holistic health modalities and Elemental Wellness Practices; all of which are inspired and supported by shamanic insight, and generations of time-honored practices.


7-Stage Return to Resonance Process

Presenting: How is it Now?

Longing: How do you want it to be and what do you want?

Releasing:  What do you need to let go of?

Restructuring:  What do you need to adopt new?

Anticipating:  Identify challenges and strategies to deal with them.

Retreating:  One or more days of retreat to access and realign with your truth.

Returning:  Reflection and Integration



  • Support inner and outer alignment and balance with your whole personhood and your Longing.

  • Provide a road map for what to attend to when as you navigate toward your ideal life and Longings.

  • Identify, define, and refine intentions for health, trauma, journey, and integration sessions

  • Give you tools and strategies to navigate through both your inner and outer worlds

  • Gauge progress and identify future experiences and processes to support your desired trajectory



Although not a requirement, we strongly suggest a cleanse to detox and fully prepare you for your retreat.  In order to create lasting change and transformation, it is essential to address our Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit as a interconnected interdependent system.   When consciously detoxifying the body of unwanted harmful materials, we are also Releasing the thoughts, habits, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve, and stand in the way of our Longing


Ninaya will design and support you through a personalized cleanse/detox program that suits your specific situation that coincides with your emotional process with Will. The physical cleansing process mirrors the psycho-emotional process preparing your whole elemental self for the retreat.  



Contact Will or Ninaya:

Will Gale - (805-252-6716)​

Ninaya Strandberg HHP

Tel: 805-637-2387

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